KW House

Plot area: 15,096 sq.ft
BUA: 8,000 sq.ft
Project Year: 2010
Location: Oud Al Muteena Second
The concept for KW House is that of a transparent open courtyard flanked by outdoor seating decks and seamless views into the house. This concept was reflected throughout the design by multiple elements such as a large puncture into the main entry establishing a visual axis between the interior and exterior spaces. Additionally a semi-enclosed double story balcony has been introduced overlooking the main entry allowing for shaded outdoor seating areas while maintaining privacy for the family. The "U" shaped villa maximizes the view of the pool within the courtyard which is overlooked by the main living spaces and outdoor terraces.
Details such as cantilevered slabs and large glass frames have been incorporated to enhance the concept of transparency while filtering the direct sunlight. Natural materials such as limestone, wood, white washed stucco walls have been used to bestow the house with a natural earthy feel.